Topic/Seminar Bazaar on Thursday, April 20, starting 2pm in room S306/348

As in the past years for summer term 2017 we are offering a seminar/topic bazaar where we are presenting all at that time available topics for our seminars, Bachelor- and Master theses. You are cordially invited to attend this...[mehr]

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Room for Analog IC Design Exam changed to S1|01 A01

Due to the small number of students, the AICD exam will only take place in S1|01 A01 from 15:30 to 17:30, Monday, 06.03.2017. [mehr]

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ASIC arrived

RA - the first ASIC for the ELSE Project - arrived![mehr]

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Industrieelektronik (V2+1Ü)

Neue Vorlesung / New lecture in WS16/17 Starting Friday, Oct 21 at 9:50 am in room S3/06-348 a new lecture "Industrieelektronik" (V2+1Ü) given by Dr. Roland Steck will start. This lecture is suitable for ETiT and iCE...[mehr]

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Technische Universität Darmstadt

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